34th Annual Production Sale
Selling 300 Head!

Tuesday February 10, 2015 12:30 PM

125 Yearling Bulls
25 Strong Aged Bulls
60 Registered Bred Heifers

100 Commercial Open Replacements Hand Picked from some of our Top Customers An Elite set selected for Disposition, Quality, and Genetics!
A new offering to this years Sale!

Our Deepest and most explosive growth offering Ever, with many large sire groups including
*  50 Sons and grandsons of Lock N Load
*  15 Sons of W/C United, the trait leader for WW & YW 
*  20 Sons and grandsons of Chamberlain
*  10 Sons of W/C Wide Track
*  Many Embryo Transplant Full Brothers


Lock N Load

W/C United

W/C Wide Track

283B SimAngus
W/C United x GW Lucky Charm

8543B 3/4 Simmental
W/C United x 8543 (Dream Catcher)

9703B PB Angus
GDAR Game Day x SAV Bismarck

366A SimAngus
Yardley Utah x Brickhouse
Safe to W/C No Remorse

3300A SimAngus
Yardley High Regard x Bando 1961
Safe to W/C Lock Down

11B PB Simmental
Remington Lock N Load x 8543 (Dream Catcher)

32B PB Simmental
W/C Wide Track x 8543(Dream Catcher)
Selling 10 sons of Wide Track!

33B PB Simmental
Remington Lock N Load x 8543(Dream Catcher)

036B SimAngus
Remington Lock N Load x SAV Pioneer
Selling 55 sons and grandsons of Lock N Load!

221B SimAngus
W/C Lock Down x Density 730
Selling 8 sons of Lock Down!


27262 424th Ave
Emery, SD 57332
Dale: 605-825-4219 (h) 605-661-3625 (c)
Scott: 605-928-7686 (h) 605-682-9610 (c)
Jared: 605-933-1661